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Abandoned Practices Projects:



In 2013, I was honored as a recipient of John W. Kurtich Foundation Travel Scholarships. The funding supported me to attend a residency, Abandoned Practices in Prague with Lin Hixson, Matthew Goulish, and Mark Jeffery.


During the residency, we explored the concept of time, memory, and abandoned practices. We produced experimental writings, performative critiques, installations, and performances. There were artists, writers as well as travelers. Being completely isolated from our studios and homes, we were urged to discover and experiment with new materials, ideas and environments, which provided us with a fresh vision of life and art practices. These images were taken from the three projects that were created during the residency.


1. At the Sixteen Blue Doors:It is a 5 minute long performance work. The performance was based on the idea of memories of familiar numbers, places, and actions.


2. Time Installation:The installation was based on a one-hour observation of a place in old town Prague. Translating the recent past memory from the observation, I used the map of Prague and cut out the area of Vltava River to form a pathway-looking installation. There were tiny orgami paper balloons made from the smaller maps of Prague for the viewer to blow.


3. Performative Games:The memory of childhood games was the main inspiration for this piece. Musical Chairs and Paper Fortuneteller games were both the structure and content for the performance.


1. At the Sixteen Blue Doors:

2. Time Installation:

3. Performative Games:

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