Artist Statement:

My work explores the poetics of distance between the physical and digital, personal and cultural, ordinary and exceptional. The beauty of distance is represented by reserving an imaginary space that is fulfilled with fantasy, desire, and story; a place can be explored and wandered; a point of view for reconciling with the past and envisioning the future. My recent research project is a series of parafictional installations focused on the idea of an Internet ghost. This fictional figure is represented by a series of mundane objects that have been rendered unfamiliar in corporeal yet otherworldly kinetic sculptures. These forms are embedded with tablet screens playing found footage collected from social media, and tiny micro controllers that mimic subtle human movement. The ghost is a metaphor depicting the infrastructure of social media: an invisible machine designed to infinitely generate pleasure and desires, as well as a black hole which exhausts meaningful creation and thinking. The installation space is created to simulate and augment these conflicting emotions of satisfaction and fatigue.

In my art practice, distance is a feeling crafted through the reading of a surreal scene, an uncanny-looking object, or a disorienting sense of reality and memory. Within this scene, I bring polar opposites together and enclose a circle for the viewer’s own experience. 

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