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Blinking 1.0


Year: 2012

Media: Public performance, Wearable technology, Sound, MAX-msp programing, Processing application, Arduino Xbee.

Duration: 1 hour

Venue: Millennium Park, downtown, Chicago



This is a remote participatory performance. The performer stood far away from the audience, about 1500m. The performer wore a pair of conductive eyelashes that detect the eyes’ blinking movements and wirelessly sends the signal to a computer. Each blink will be translated into a gun shooting sound generated by the computer program. The audience was provide with a pair of headphones for receiving the gun shooting sound while using a monocular to observe the performer’s eye blinks.


In addition, this project is leading to another Twitter

performance, Blinking 2.0.



Blinking Lecture:


This is another version of the blinking performance.

During my grad lecture, I performed the gesture of blinking for a minute.

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