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Forgotten Moon

Year: 2024

Media: Bio-fabrics, metal fibers/wires, Miao’s metal ornaments (found materials), clay, motors.

Dimensions: 6 (L) * 3 (H)  * 2.5 (W) meters


The installation constructs a space reminiscent of a ritual site, musing on the poetics of the moon and fantasies of the future. Based on Shao Chun’s research into the Miao people’s veneration of silver, the metal serves as a vessel of the moon that channels wishes and prayers by invoking the celestial body’s mystical power. Drawing a parallel between this ancient belief and the modern use of silver in functional textiles and data transmission, Shao Chun employs the silver color as a visual symbol to create this semi-metallic, semi-fibrous suspended sound sculpture that resembles an enlarged embroidery. The artwork is presented as twisted infinity sign blending into the air, rendering a sensuous yet puzzling viewing experience. It expresses a paradoxical metaphor about the future – a perpetual feeling that arises from the entanglement of yearning and reality. 

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