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Future Touch 

Year: 2020

Materials: wigs, wasted cosmetics, nail extensions, beads, pearls, motors, and fans.


Reflecting upon the Covid-19 rule of social distancing, this project proposes an artistic solution to discuss the longing for physical contact.  The work presents five pairs of electronic handicrafts, enabled to respond to human touch. The objects consist of three parts: 1) tender textiles embroidered with synthetic eyelashes, hair extensions, and plastic fingernails, 2) various kinds of handmade switches embedded in the texture to detect different gestures, 3) electronic inserts driving the tactile to vibrate, rotate, change shapes, and blow air. These mechanical movements induce different ranges of skin sensations from tickling to tingling, soothing to stimulating, satisfying to unsettling. Material-wise, left-over eyeshadows, lipsticks, and facial foundations are brushed onto the silicone fabric to create skin tones. Therefore, the artifacts perform as companions, providing an intimate and yet artificial touch to the human body. Indeed, this project explores a poetic between tactile sensations and feelings.

A weekly-updated research process is published on my Instagram account:  sc.lib
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