Her Finger - Research (ongoing editing)


Stage One: Creating silicone fabrics

This series of objects are mainly made out of silicone fabric. It is a combination of liquid silicone and organza fabric. In order to create a tender texture, the organza fabric is used as the base fabric to hold the liquid silicone. After the silicone air-dry process, the organza will be fully integrated with the silicone. This blending technique is critical to turn the silicone into a sewable material, which serves as the base for applying fabric manipulation stitches.


In addition, the silicone mixing process involves further modification of color and texture. Below is a table listing materials and pigments in relation to their visual effects demonstrated by close-up images.



Stage Two: Sculpting the fabric with fabric manipulation techniques

By applying gathering stitches in a spiral shape, it forms a round silicone fabric to a nail guard like object. Different stitching patterns result to different kinds of textures

Stage Three: Developing the kinetic texture

a) Combining actuators with the finger accessories 

After the exploration of fabric manipulated texture, the resulting objects obtain a tactile quality. I am interested in exploring an intersection between electronic textile and silicone-based fabric manipulation, which turns grooves and ruffles into organ like parts. A series of mini-sized DC motors and vibrators are embedded into the objects in order to activate the motions of the texture. The actuators are programed (by Arduino) to rotate and shake in a rhythmic manner (variations of speed, intensity and interval). 

b) Sculpting and programing the electronic circuits

The actuators are controlled by a Attiny85 microcontroller instead of an Arduino board. This reduces the size of the circuits so that the main electronic parts can be inserted and sewed onto the silicone fabric. It creates a seamless blend between the electronic and the handcrafted. 

c) Redesigning power supply of the circuits: Lithium Ion polymer battery + Silicone fabric 


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