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The Perfect Kiss

Year: 2015

Media: Networked Sculpture (Xbee wireless communication), EEG machine (Electroencephalography)



In this project, I attempt to mingle the concept of “dream” and the “perfect” kiss. In order to do so, I translate two person’s REM (dreaming) sleep stage brain waves into a “kiss” action between the two palm imprints of mine (casted during a holding gesture moment.) The imprinted objects are individually controlled by two muscle wires. Thus, the “kissing” action of the two palm imprints is wirelessly controlled by the two person’s brain waves.


PS: This will be an ongoing project. I am looking forward to make more pairs of the holding gesture sculptures from lovers, partners, mothers/fathers and sons/daughters. And then, choreographing them into different movements of the “perfect” kiss by using the online open source of sleep EEG data.



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