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Wet Tissues/ Dry Me 

Year: 2012

Venue: My balcony, Chicago, US

Duration: 1 hour

Media: Tissues with tape sensors, a MAX-msp sound pad
This project came out from my experiment of homemade sensors. I explored various kinds of sensors that were made out of conductive thread, fabric, and paper. Two pieces of huge tissues are imbedded with the tape sensors that detect the intensity of the gestures in order to change the volume of the sounds. In this performance, I was exploring the relationship between sound, gesture, and mundane object. The squeezing gesture of my hands controlled two channels of sound volume. One is my crying sound, the other is a field recording of a gallery reception.



A demo photo of tape sensor from a website.

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The tissues are connected with an Arduino that translates the pressures into the analogy number and controls the volume of the sounds through MAX.

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