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Silicone Love - Her Garden

Year: 2018


Media: Mixed media installation 


Sculpture Materials: Tulle fabric, projection fabric, tights, synthetic hairs, tubes, embroidery hoops, metal wires.

Installtion Space Dimension: 18' (W) * 17' (D) * 13' (H)

Sculpture Dimension: Listed individually under the photos






In relation to the previous two installations, this work is the "final chapter" narrating the concept of the Internet ghost. It contains a series of video mapped sculptures hanged and a surrounding sound system. The work constructs a fictional figure - an Internet ghost. It refers to a conceptual framework exploring aesthetic properties of the Internet found materials. The installation is realized by three main components: 1) eight human-sized sculptures made from stretchy and semi-transparent materials, 2) a series of dense video collages made up of female dancing body parts and flowery looking patterns, 3) a multichannel sound system playing whispering and foot stepping recordings. 


*All the video and audio recordings are originally collected from YouTube, and then re-composed by digital editing tools. 


To create an immersive experience of seeing the ghost, these elements are organized based on an ancient Chinese garden theory, called the Borrow Scenery. It applies a series of circle-shaped window frames as a viewing apparatus, which gradually reveals parts of the garden as a cinematic story. Inspired by this story-telling visual form, each sculpture is embedded with a round structure indicating a poetic decipher for picturing the ghost. Seeing through different circles, viewers experience a non-linear narrative embodied with different perspectives and walking paths in the space. 


Composition wise, this work borrows a method of design fiction that proposes a possible future of online video-sharing culture and its ever-growing data. The Internet ghost is a metaphor which conceptualizes a plausible consciousness emerged from the digital world. By applying video editing and mapping techniques, the original YouTube video collection (Korean female celebrities’ dancing footage) is masked and abstracted to mysterious looking patterns. Shining through the figure like sculptures, it forms a virtual and embroidery-like texture. The work transforms the flat data into an imaginary habitat fulfilled with cyber spirits. 

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