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Riddle Bodies

Year: 2022


Media: Mixed media installation 


Materials: Silicone fabrics, TPU fabrics, epoxy resins, synthetic hairs, pearls, shells, beauty supplies, metal wires, tubes, electronic supplies.

Dimensions: Flexible 


Riddle Bodies is a solo exhibition located in a historical building, The Cloister, Shanghai. The work consists of six performative installations transforming a private apartment into an otherworldly quarantine space. Under the extreme living regulations of Covid-19, this project discusses the struggle of disembodiment between the body and the mind. Turning mundane objects into seemingly alive performers expresses a twisted desire for companionship due to an extensively long period of forced isolation. Each room installs a piece responding to the original function of a domestic floor plan. For example, the kitchen presents Super Clean, a self-cleaning machine consistently producing soap foams to create ephemeral sculptures. 

Photos (click to see infor for each piece):
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