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Silicone Love - Intro

Year: 2017


Media: Mixed media installation


Sculpture Materials: Tulle fabric, silicone-made objects, tights, synthetic hairs.


Installation Dimension: 18' (W) * 17' (D) * 13' (H) 

Sculpture Dimension: between 5' to 10' hanged in the middle of the space​


Silicone Love is a series of projects focused on an object-oriented story: a ghost figure emerged from the infrastructure of social media. It is a metaphoric figure created to explore the post-Internet aesthetic.


In this project, I inserted video-looping screens into a series of stretchy hanging sculptures, which signifies a scattered human body. All the videos are screen recorded from instagram (a social media app.) I reedited them and looped different section in each tablet screen. 


  • Twitter Classic
  • Facebook Classic
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